NDSU Press seeks manuscript reviewers from all disciplines to serve in our double-blind review process.

If you have an area of expertise that fits with our regional studies mission, please provide a brief description of your research and experience, searchable key terms, institutional affiliation, and contact information. NDSU Press is able to offer a small honorarium in return for your service. Your information will be added to our database, and the editor in chief will contact you should we have a manuscript that is a suitable match for your expertise.

Founded at North Dakota State University in 1950, NDSU Press exists to stimulate and coordinate interdisciplinary regional scholarship. These regions include the Red River Valley, the state of North Dakota, the plains of North America (comprising both the Great Plains of the United States and Prairies of Canada), and comparable regions of other continents. Good regional scholarship is shaped by national and international events, and by comparative studies.

The scope of NDSU Press publications is not limited by topic or discipline. We consider manuscripts in any field of learning. The scope is defined, however, by a regional focus in accord with our mission. Generally, works published by NDSU Press address regional life directly, as the subject of study. Such works contribute to scholarly knowledge of region (that is, discovery of new knowledge) or to public consciousness of region (that is, dissemination of information, or interpretation of regional experience). In some, fewer instances the regional connection is one of service to a regional organization. Where regions abroad are treated, either for comparison or because of ties to those North American regions of primary concern to the Institute, the linkages should be made plain. Traditionally, NDSU Press has published substantial trade books, but the line of publications is not limited to that genre. It may also publish textbooks (at any level), reference books, anthologies, reprints, papers, proceedings, and monographs. We will consider works of poetry or fiction, provided they are established regional classics or they promise to assume landmark or reference status for the region. Biographical or autobiographical works are evaluated carefully for their prospective contribution to regional knowledge and culture. All publications, in whatever genre, must be of such quality and substance as to embellish the imprint of the Institute.

Guidelines for reviewers:
  • What is your overall assessment of the project?
  • Is the general approach and orientation of the work conceptually sound?
  • Is the manuscript logically organized?
  • Should any topics be added, lengthened, deleted, or shortened to make the work more readable, coherent, or complete?
  • Please comment on the author's writing style. Is it clear and interesting? 
  • Scholarship: Is the author's thesis (theses) convincing and supportable given the evidence which is presented?
  • Are there any interpretations which are nonstandard or unusual?
  • Is the manuscript's content factually accurate?
  • Are materials correctly referenced and are the most recent and relevant sources cited?
  • In your opinion does this work make a substantive contribution to regional studies by promoting knowledge and a cultural consciousness among the general population and academic community?
  • Marketability: Do you believe that the manuscript is of potential interest to readers in this region?
  • To what segments of the public do you believe that it might have particular appeal?
  • Is there potential for use of this manuscript in the classroom, and if so, what courses and at what level?
  • Does the work fill a need in its field?
  • Are there any other publications of this type with which this text might compete?
  • How does the present work compare?
  • Conclusion: Do you have any other comments or areas of concern?